Our experience
We create connections between your products, or services, and new markets and customers. We can help  
you in effective implementation of new technologies or solutions into your processes. We operate globally.  
We build long term cooperation with customers from Slovakia, Czech republic, Germany, France, Austria,  
China, Turkey, USA, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belgium,  
Poland and other countries.

Our services are successfully utilized in areas of nuclear power industry, electrical engineering, engineering,  
building, insurance, tourist trade, railway transport, information technologies, chemical industry, food  
industry, telecommunications and others. We translate project and operating documentation, operation and  
maintenance manuals, feasibility studies, quality guides, technical reports, contracts and business  
conditions, technological procedures, certificates of compliance, press releases, safety documentation,  
training materials, commercial offers, production catalogues, we localize web pages.

If you are interested in which clients are  in our portfolio, please do not hesitate to ask for reference.
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